How we help?



Our priority is to make every effort to simplify and shorten the proceedings regarding legal residence of foreigners in Poland, without any detriment to their effectiveness.

Migrant Service will dispel your doubts regarding legal residence and employment in Poland during consultation, throughout which we will:

  • examine presented documents and specificity of  a given case

  • answer your questions, as well as

  • propose the most favourable solution.

​Being equipped with such  information and guidance for further activities you will be competent to apply for a residence permit by yourself.

Entrusting us with your case


However, if this seems too inconvenient, you may entrust Migrant Service with your case. From this moment, we will:

  • inform you about all formalities to be completed,

  • prepare relevant documents,

  • ensure that all deadlines are met,

  • represent you in the offices,

  • take care to reduce nuisances of the proceedings at the most

  • remind you about permit expiry date to allow obtaining subsequent permit well in advance.


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We are open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.


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